eric li

sure, why not. this website is the culmination of many attempts to keep a history of myself and my work on the web. it will probably not be the last attempt either. to be brief, it is written in as pared down a way as possible, with almost no additional styling or scripting. i am interested in how tools shape our lives — and in this case, the tool is the web browser and how it provides defaults for us to interact with.

i am a graphic designer and software developer based in new york. i most recently worked at MoMA, making the website. it is a bit more fancy than this one. i also do my own stuff. you can find a more detailed bio here.

here, you can eventually find a somewhat complete archive of my work. i am in the slow process of updating it. you can also find me on e-mail,, twitter, and instagram.


  • nazli and i have formed Ercan–Li, a collaborative design studio.

  • take a pause from browsing the web and read Taking a Walk across the Internet, an article i recently wrote for MoMA Magazine

  • i was recently featured in a uniqlo art speaks at MoMA on Marcel Broodthaers’s A throw of the dice will never abolish chance

  • nazli and i recently gave a talk to anthony zukofsky’s SVA class. you can view the slides here.

  • in the spring, i taught core 2 interaction lab at parsons with sophie auger teaching the studio component. website

  • in the fall, i will be teaching JavaScript at Parsons, and Grad Elective SOURCE at RISD.

ongoing projects


various instagrams, current

i maintain a few odd instagrams indexing faces and negronis. [multi not multi, negroni index]

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Clocks for Wired, July 2022

provided source images for an illustration by ben denzer in a recent issue of wired. [www]

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Airdrop Conversation, June 27, 2022

laurel schwulst and i chatted about HTML and communication over Airdrop, over Airdrop. [read]

MoMA, April 2019–May 2022

from 2019–2022, i led design and front end development of and other various digital surfaces such as digital screens, and in gallery page turners. i co-led design strategy for onsite digital experience touch points. [www]

Figma Config 2022, May 10, 2022

stephanie schapowal and i gave a talk at Figma Config 2022 on product design at MoMA [www, video]

Brooklyn Rail, February 2022

i designed the critic’s page for the feb 2022 issue of the brookyln rail, curated by ruth fine. following a rigid column structure where type and image are treated as equal objects, the layouts are outlined by a black border to signify the page as object. the border also serves as an inking pad for readers to make their own “found” prints, with the printed issue as their medium.

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an exhibition organized with joe scanlan at the broodthaers society of america, WRECKED ALPHABET brings together over forty artists, graphic designers, musicians, and writers whose work engages the alphabet. my essay on marcel broodthaers, On Des!!!gn, was featured in this show. [www, broodthaers, artforum]

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DABA, 2020

website for DABA press, with design by alec mapes-frances and adam pendleton [www]

Adam Pendleton, 2020

rewrite and design refresh of adam pendleton’s website using a modern cms and web conventions. [www]

When It Changed, 2020

david reinfurt and i wrote a series of three essays titled When It Changed which anchored the first annual. edited by meg miller, these essays explore the slow perversification of our relationship with technology and suggests ways for rescuing ourselves by way of ambient software. [part 1, part 2, part 3]

Rivers Institute, 2020–present

nazli, scott ponik, and i designed the website for Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art and Thought, a non-profit based in new orleans run by andrea andersson. we also design and produce digital publications as part of the annual programmaing. [www, rivers daily]

founded by micki meng, with me and nazli, Friends Indeed is an experimental gallery based in the bay area. [www]

stubio wares, 2019–present

an occasional workshop that kelly and i tend featuring collaborations between the two of us. [www]

Terry Winters: New Work, 2019

a book for terry winters, designed while working with miko mcginty. for tobias mueller modern art in zurich.

Peace Clock, 2019

designed by zak jensen and programmed by me, a peace clock screensaver. included in der zyklus: formenverwandler, a show curated by sam hart and harm van den dorpel at full node berlin. [purchase, preview]

Palermo Typeface, 2019

a typeface with joe scanlan based on the forms of a blinky palermo piece. edition of 26.

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Palermo type specimen, ‘A’

Recipes for Food, 2019–present

with nazli, we created a quasi-digital/print cookbook featuring recipes by designers. we wanted to convey the slow browsing of a cookbook, while still maintaining the democratic reach of digital. feel free to submit a recipe! [www, submit a recipe]

O-R-G small softwares, 2018–present

an occassional physical and always present digital software shop, O-R-G small softwares publishes screensavers and other softwares by designers and artists, with occasional pop up programming as well. [shop]

ICA London, 2018–2019

while at O-R-G, i worked on the design of the website for the ICA in london. [www]

Princeton Visual Arts, 2018–2021

i was the designer for the visual arts program at princeton. besides introducing an identity for vis, i worked with students to use the program’s visual output as a medium for their practice, culminating in an annual thesis book titled Princeton Visual Arts. [index, 2021 w/victor guan & kevin feng, 2020 w/bhavani srinivas & janette lu, 2019 w/kara bressler]

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vis logo

more work can be found here.