eric li

sure, why not. this website is the culmination of many attempts to keep a history of myself and my work on the web. it will probably not be the last attempt either. to be brief, it is written in as pared down a way as possible. i am interested in how tools shape our lives — and in this case, the tool is the web browser and how it provides defaults for us to interact with.

i am a graphic designer and software developer based in new york. i currently work at MoMA, making the website. it is a bit more fancy than this one. i also do my own stuff. you can find a more detailed bio here.

here, you can eventually find a somewhat complete archive of my work. i am in the slow process of updating it. you can also find me on e-mail,, twitter, and instagram.


ongoing projects


okay, obviously there's more to do. but here it is for now. more soon! you can see my old site here.